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The Research for Agricultural Development Program (RADP) is an umbrella research program of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) on 7th March 2007 at total cost of Rs.2963 million including FEC Rs. 876.49 million (from own sources) for a period of 05 years (later extended up to June 2017).


The background for approving this project is the overwhelming evidence of very high rate of returns to investment in agricultural research. Pakistan is blessed with diverse agro-ecological zones for agricultural production. Pakistan is investing less in agricultural research as compared to some other Asian countries. However, better investment in agricultural research can further improve the economic development of the country. International studies have also clearly shown the benefits of agricultural research throughout the world.

Program Profile:
Project Name: Research for Agricultural Development Program
Executing Agency: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC)
Project Cost: Rs. 2963.000 Million
(LC:     Rs. 2086.51 million)
(FEC:  Rs. 876.49 million)
Duration: 60 months (5 years) (+24 months extended period)
Approval Date: 7th March 2007 by ECNEC
Start Date:     3rd April, 2007
Expected Completion
June, 2017
Location: PARC and its research stations
Releases: Rs. 1628.814 million (up to June 2015)
Expenditure: Rs. 1403.725 million (up to 30th June 2015)
Through forward: Rs. 1559.275 million as on 1st July 2015
Management Structure:
The management structure of the project authorizes the Program Executive Committee (PEC) of the project to approve and fund research sub-projects on priority basis. Mechanism for approvals and implementation of the project has been provided in the project. Programe Steering Committee (PSC) under Seceratary M/o National Food Security & Research provides overall guidance and authorizes technical revision and reappropriation of funds within approved cost and scope.
Scope of Program:
  1. Research: Priority research themes (22) and activities (120) identified in consultation with NARS/stake-holders to develop research plans.
  2. Infrastructural development: Up gradation of research labs, green houses and other facilities at research establishments
  3. Collaboration: International and national research collaboration.
  4. Training: Human resource development
Program Objectives:
  • To address the current and emerging needs of science based-agriculture development, food security, poverty reduction, economic efficiency & export competitiveness.
  • To serve as a mechanism for timely response to emerging research issues (Pest/disease epidemics, nutrient deficiency, climate change)
  • Develop technologies for maximizing productivity (per unit Land, labor, water, capital etc)
  • Move from research output to innovations as products and services for small holders

  32nd Program Executive Committee (PEC) was held on 4th February 2016.

Three New research subprojects were approved in 32nd PEC

Seven new sub-projects have been initiated with effect from 1st July 2015.

Three subprojects were revised in 32nd PEC

A new implemented design fabricated (Power Take Off driven disk plow) by ABI, NARC.

RADP has completed 114 research projects and 50 sub-projects are ongoing.

RADP Annual Review was held in December 2015

Cash/work plan of RADP for the FY: 2015-16 has been approved.

Three Program Executive Committee (PEC) meetings held up to September 2015 and approved 11 sub-projects.

Seven new sub-projects have been initiated with effect from 1st July 2015.

1st quarter review meeting of RADP was held on 22nd October 2015 chaired secretary National food security and research.

Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) approved two Sorghum Sudan Grass hybrid developed under RADP sub-project.

A new implemented design fabricated (Power Take Off driven disk plow) by ABI, NARC.

RADP has completed 109 research projects and 46 sub-projects are ongoing.

Honorable President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr. Mamnoon Hussain inaugurated Rose & Jasmine Garden Facility in Islamabad developed under RADP sub-project.


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