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Agri News(RSS)

Pakistan's agriculture sector on a long rough patch

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Can use of biotechnology turn around Pakistan's economy?

Imports fall, but export growth still a challenge in Pakistan

Dr Sania: the woman tasked with building Imran's flagship welfare state in Pakistan

Senior US Diplomat in Pakistan Amid Warmth in Mutual Ties

Tarps Now® Increases Heavy Duty Tarps Line Up Due to Heavy Demand

Pakistan's progress in e-commerce sales commendable

Food security ministry rejects reports of wheat shortage in Pakistan

Sufficient wheat reserves available to ease flour crisis, says Bakhtiar

No jobs, growth rate is going down but PM Modi is worried about Pakistan: Kapil Sibal at CAA rally

Meet the Bengali refugees who now dominate businesses, farms in Chhattisgarh's tribal belt

Pompeo lauds Pakistan’s efforts for Afghan peace

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ECC approves duty-free import of 0.3m tonnes of wheat to mitigate ongoing crisis

Wheat to be imported to outsmart hoarders, profiteers

PM's aide blames mafia for 'artificial' flour shortage

Dumplings Market 2020: Global Analysis, Share, Trends, Application Analysis and Forecast To 2025

Indonesia releases no kinno import quota for Pakistan

Post conflict women protection

Let's own Red Crescent potential for a resilient Pakistan

Egyptian eco-activist turns agricultural waste into crafts

Heat waves in Pakistan, India could render urban areas unlivable: report

'Artificial' flour crisis will be over by Monday: Khusro Bakhtiar

No locust attack in Punjab, but agriculture department on alert

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Stabilise flour prices by Tuesday: Sindh CM

Wheat prices to start declining from Monday, says food security minister Khusro Bakhtiar

Pheromones in Agriculture 2020 Global Market Outlook,Research,Trends and Forecast to 2026

Buy a Guardian classic photograph: Girls walk in the snow, Pakistan, 2006

Wheat prices to come down in a couple of days: Food Minister Khusro Bakhtiar

Sindh CM orders stabilisation of flour price by Tuesday

Pakistan gives 55-year terms to Islamists

Pakistani court hands down 55-year sentences to 86 Islamists

‘Artificial’ flour crisis will end in three to four days: Khusro Bakhtiar

Exercise Tafheem – a common platform for maritime community of Pakistan

Wheat flour crisis: Centre, Sindh continue blame game as masses suffer

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Farmers find switching to betel leaf more profitable

Bancassurance Market Analysis, Scope, Size, Sales, Overview, Forecast 2019-2025

Pakistan needs new technology to enhance cotton yield: expert

China-built Pakistani port begins handling Afghanistan transit trade - GulfToday

Wheat row: Shehbaz demands inquiry as Sindh, PTI leaders bicker over country-wide shortage

China eager to import meat, potatoes, onions from Pakistan

House panel on N-E visit to review TADCs’ functioning

Innovative agricultural technologies to transform farmers lives

Sindh's wheat shortage result of provincial govt's negligence: Awan

PM orders crackdown after flour prices skyrocket


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About Us

The research For Agricultural Development Program (RADP) a mega program of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) funded through Public Sector Development Program. The Research and Development Program was designed to address the current and emerging needs of agriculture research and development. The program aims to initiate research on priority areas in 22 themes identified in consultation with National Agricultural Research System (NARS) in various sectors i.e., Crop Sciences, Natural Resources, Animal Sciences, Agriculture Engineering Division and Social Sciences with its own implementation mechanism through established PARC system. The program also addresses strengthening of the research infrastructure through supply of need base lab/field equipments, improvement of existing labs/offices, glass houses, new constructions and human resource development.

By the end of FY 2014-15, more than, One hundred and seventy (170) research activities/sub-projects were launched. Out of these, 115 sub-projects have completed their life. Sector wise numbers of the approved, ongoing and completed project are summarized in the table below.


Sr. No






Crop Sciences





Natural Resources





Animal Sciences





Social Sciences














     The research activities/projects in operation are reviewed annually by the senior management of PARC, with primary objective to quantify progress/outputs of each of these projects, assesses possible completion/funds utilization and to give directions for speedy achievements of set targets.

 Scope & Objectives:

  • Research: Priority research themes (22) and activities (120) identified in consultation with NARS/stake-holders to develop research plans.

  • Infrastructural development: Up gradation of research labs, green houses and other facilities at research establishments

  • Collaboration: International and national research collaboration.

  • Training: Human resource development.

  • To address the current and emerging needs of science based-agriculture development, food security, poverty reduction, economic efficiency & export competitiveness.

  • To serve as a mechanism for timely response to emerging research issues (Pest/disease epidemics, nutrient deficiency, climate change)

  • Develop technologies for maximizing productivity (per unit Land, labor, water, capital etc)

  • Move from research output to innovations as products and services for small holder

    The management structure of the project authorizes the Program Executive Committee (PEC) of the project to approve and fund research sub-projects on priority basis. Mechanism for approvals and implementation of the project has been provided in the project. Programme Steering Committee (PSC) under Seceratary M/o National Food Security & Research provides overall guidance and authorizes technical revision and reappropriation of funds within approved cost and scope.



Executing Agency:

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC)

Project Cost:

Rs. 2963.000 Million

(LC:     Rs. 2086.51 million)

(FEC:  Rs. 876.49 million)


60 months (5 years) (+24 months extended period)

Approval Date:

7th March 2007 by ECNEC

Start Date:    

3rd April, 2007

Expected Completion

June, 2017


PARC and its research stations


Rs. 1628.814 million (up to June 2015)


Rs. 1403.725 million (up to 30th June 2015)

Through forward:

Rs. 1559.275 million as on 1st July 2015

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